The amount displayed next to each room is the cost per night. Prices may vary depending on the number of guests staying. Details will be required from the guest upon reservation.

Children under the age of 2 are free, though there is a separate charge for additional beds (including crib beds).
Seasonal or Peak rates may apply during:
• New Zealand holidays (ie. Easter and Labor Day),
• Christmas and New Year’s (December 25 – Jan 10).
• Popular events
(prices can be acquired during reservation)

Guests staying for more than 3 weeks qualify for a long stay discount.
We accept credit cards (VISA/MasterCard) and EFTPOS.

Room TypeNo. of Guests Regular Rates
(per night)
Holiday Rates
(per night)
DLX 1-brm1, 2 Guests NZ$250 NZ$280
3 Guests NZ$275 NZ$305
4 Guests NZ$300 NZ$330
STD Studio1, 2 Guests NZ$190 NZ$220
3 Guests NZ$215 NZ$245
DLX Studio1, 2 Guests NZ$220 NZ$250
3 Guests NZ$245 NZ$275

Holidays : Christmas & New Year 25Dec > 10Jan, Easter


As our period for cancellation notification is 48hours prior to 1pm check in. Any cancellation made after this will incur a charge of one nights accommodation. Except for Peak Periods- ie: Xmas, New Year, Holiday Weekends and Special Events 7 days notification will be required before the total amount of the booking is charged.

TransfersPickup / Drop off : 

Rotorua InterCity Bus Station (I-Site) – $20 per trip. Rotorua Airport – $60 per trip.