Bring your friends and family to enjoy the tranquil ambiance of our authentic Japanese Onsen in Rotorua, New Zealand. Under the clear moonlit and star-studded sky, our blissful and steamy open-air hot baths relax your mind and soothe the travel-weary body, you will also have the luxury of solitude while bathing outside in the private reserved bath, which is the perfect vacation destination for travellers and locals who are searching for a respite from the busy world.

Terume Hot Springs Resort provides three Onsens altogether: One large outdoor mineral hot bath (40-42°C), and two indoor family mineral hot baths. All 3 of them are located outside of the guest rooms, which hotel guests may reserve for private use only at the time of check-in, and with no additional charge, for up to 30 minutes each session.

Our 100% pure geothermal water comes from a source located 150m underground. Alkaline substances and various minerals are also drawn up from this source. Research has shown that such substances and minerals are beneficial to health especially effective for temporary relief of arthritis, dermatitis and musculoskeletal pain, they are also believed to enhance the body’s healing process, promotes well-being through relief from muscle tension, reduction of stress, and absorption of elements that the body needs to fight off illness and disease, also nourish your skin.

The mineral water used in our Onsens is never recycled, we don’t dilute our water and it’s continually replenished with a stable temperature between 40-42°C, so that a high level of hygiene is maintained within our facilities. You simply won’t find bathing water this pure anywhere else in New Zealand!

We are famous for the genuine free flowing rotenburo (Outdoor Onsen) identical to the traditional Onsens in Japan. Because of this, we have also adopted the traditional rules of Onsen usage in Japan, guests bathe privately in all hot baths, and are not allowed to wear swimsuits while using this facility. Hot baths are available exclusively to staying guests only.

Full information on onsen usage and etiquettes will be provided on your arrival, and a copy will be available in each room.

Terume Hot Springs Resort follows the guidelines set by Rotorua District Council for safe and enjoyable use of our facility.

Introduction to Japanese Onsen

Onsen (温泉) is a term for HOT SPRINGS in the Japanese language.

Coveted as a natural healer, an Onsen used to be a sacred place where people can cure their injuries and diseases in earlier times when they had little knowledge of health and had little medication. Nowadays, this has become an entertainment in urban life included in sightseeing tours.

Regardless of which Onsen you go to in Japan, there are basic rules on what to do and how to behave. The same rules also apply when using the Onsen at Terume Hot Springs Resort, Rotorua.

Onsen Use & Etiquette

There is an established code of etiquette for our Onsen at Terume Hot Springs Resort. Observing the following rules will result in a pleasurable experience for everyone:

  • Embrace nakedness! – Swimsuits and underwear are not allowed in most public Onsens in Japan. Locals of the city proudly strip down to fully enjoy the health benefits of these baths and expect visitors will too.

  • Wrap your hair – Whether your hair is long or short, be sure to wrap it up before jumping in. An Onsen is meant for a clean bathing experience.

  • Clean off before getting in – In an effort to keep the Onsen as clean and pure as possible, all bath soakers are encouraged to shower off and clean up in their own rooms before getting into the bath. ABSOLUTELY NEVER use soap or shampoo in the Onsen. Along with hair wrapping, nobody wants to soak in someone else’s dirt and grime.

  • Keep a low profile – Guests are encouraged to talk in a low and calm voice at all times while visiting an Onsen. Soaking in an Onsen is meant to be a relaxing and tranquil experience that allows visitors to unwind and tap into their inner soul.

  • In order to benefit from the minerals in the water and let your body absorb such minerals, it is recommended that after your last dip in the Onsen, DO NOT rinse, just wipe your body dry with your bath towel without taking any shower.

We take immaculate care to ensure the facilities are pristine, while endeavoring to provide the best possible hospitality during your stay.

* Please no swim wear in all hot pools.
* All hot mineral baths are reserved for hotel guests staying overnight.